Why a BORGinsole?

Why a BORGinsole?

Existing techniques for producing custom-made insoles have proven their usefulness but, as in every field, technology and science keep evolving in our sector also. Innovation and technology enable us to produce functional insoles that are literally custom-tailored to your body.

BORGinsole functional insoles are furnished in Belgium only by licensed Masters or Bachelors in podiatry. They function as the architect of your movement pattern, and they will help you to bring your body into perfect balance and keep it there.

  • Unique and custom-made functional foot orthotics
  • High-tech development
  • Perfection, from taking measurements to making delivery
  • 100% dynamics based
  • Optimal service
  • Ultra-lightweight

That´s how we make the difference

An extensive analysis of your movement pattern constitutes the starting point. If it appears that BORGinsole intelligent insoles can help you, the podiatrist does a full podological dimensional measurement, with which we define the foot axes in an unloaded, loaded and dynamic state.

Then the 3D Digitizer makes a very precise scan of both feet in their loaded, neutral position. On that basis your unique insole is designed by the podiatrist. BORGinsoles are a patented product.

A BORGinsole podiatrist is definitely a good choice because

  • they naturally take the time to listen to your story,
  • they look at your shoes and give advice on what is the best choice and under which circumstances,
  • then they film and analyse your walking and running patterns,
    all parameters are evaluated by the podiatrist and stored digitally,
  • they prepare, as necessary, an individual multidisciplinary action plan,
  • insoles are only considered if the added value can be clearly demonstrated,
  • the 3D scan maps out both feet so that the podiatrist can design the sole like an architect for your feet,
  • they continue to accompany you throughout the process and help you along the way in order to use your intelligent insoles in the ideal manner and improve your movement pattern.
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