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All BORGinsole podiatrists are top professionals

During a traineeship with the Belgian Red Flames U19, I suffered a first serious knee injury. A cartilage operation was necessary and was successfully performed by Professor Johan Bellemans.
A few years ago I once again experienced the dark side of pro football on my own body. The uncompromising verdict of Dr Steven Claes was: a tibia fracture (broken shinbone), a torn meniscus and my innermost hamstring had been detached from the bone.
All the operations caused my whole body to change: my muscle mass, my running style,… Everything! My entire body was out of balance. There were always minor pains: one time it was my knee, then my ankle, at other times my muscles…
I didn´t even dare to dream any longer of one day being able to play football without pain again.
My physical therapist told me about BORGinsole. My entire body was screened and adapted insoles were designed.
Now I do all my sports activities with the insoles from BORGinsole! Thanks in part to their professional approach I could bring my body back into balance and successfully continue my sports career.
All of the BORGinsole podiatrists are TOP PROFESSIONALS!!! I can´t thank them enough!