Frequently asked questions

  • BORGinsole insoles can offer the right solution for which problems?

  • What is a BORGinsole?

    Foot problems and inappropriate footwear have a negative impact on the whole body. This can lead to problems at the level of the foot, ankle, knee or hip, and even to back and neck complaints. In this way your body can get out of balance.

    The BORGinsole corrects your foot function and gives adapted control. It is a high-tech podiatric functional foot orthotic that is custom-made. Many people would benefit from an adapted foot function correction.

    A BORGinsole is a high-tech podiatric functional foot orthotic, exclusively furnished by a licensed Bachelor or Master in Podiatry.
    The design of each BORGinsole is always based on an extensive individual functional examination, biomechanical angle measurements and gait analysis. Using a unique vacuum system, a weight-bearing print of the foot is always taken in a specific podiatric position. This print is then 3D scanned.

    The 3D scan is sent together with the exact parameters to the BORGinsole laboratory, which designs and creates the BORGinsole.

  • Who could benefit from a BORGinsole?

    Our feet are the foundations of our body. If a building has poor foundations, it will settle, develop cracks and become unusable.

    • Top athlete (football, athletics, tennis, cycling, ... )
    • Recreational athletes
    • Children
    • Mediors and seniors
    • Diabetics
    • Rheumatism patients
    • People with foot complaints
    • People with complaints about their ankle, knee, hip, back, neck...
  • Function of a BORGinsole

    A BORGinsole functional insole is designed in accordance with the podiatric biomechanical concept and based on dynamics (walking and running). The original aspect of this functional insole system is that the foot is controlled according to its own axes. Thus the impact of the function of the heel, the subtalar joint, will have its logical movement transfer to the midfoot, the midtarsal joint, and the first ray.

    The functional goal is to have a logical shock absorption when putting down the foot and to create a rigid lever arm for a stable push-off. Also, controlling the movement of the foot via the rising kinetic chain will have a positive impact on the synchronisation with the higher joints of the ankle, knee, hip and back. The ultimate goal is that the foot, while walking and running, behaves as ideally as possible in order to serve as the best possible link between the ground and a human body in motion. The BORGinsole functional insole is specifically and individually designed for the left foot and the right foot.

  • How to wear a BORGinsole?

    Firstly, BORGinsole insoles must be used in the right shoes (depending on the specific chosen activity), and secondly they must be worn as much as possible.

    The right shoe

    When taking the measurements and delivering your BORGinsole functional insoles, your podiatrist will give you specific and individually-targeted shoe advice. This will depend on the kind of sport, activity, profession, age and circumstance…In general, it is assumed that a good shoe:

    • has the right fit and thus respects the shape of the foot
    • has a maximum heel height of 2.5 cm
    • always has a strong heel contour
    • may never bend in the middle of the shoe
    • must always be able to bend at the level of the front foot
    • ideally has a removable inner sole
    • shoes with laces are also very useful

    It is contraindicated to wear open-backed sandals, slippers, clogs or shoes that aren’t firmly-laced. The correction cannot work and the insoles will wear out abnormally quickly and fall apart. For athletes, your podiatrist will also give the right sports shoe advice (running shoe, football boot, basketball shoe, etc.).

    Watch the following videos for appropriate shoe advice for each age group.

    Pre-schoolers and kindergartners
    Here´s how you choose the right children´s shoe

    Wearing as much as possible:

    In order to get the maximum result from the BORGinsole functional foot orthotics, our body must undergo a neuromuscular adaptation to the functional control. This can take up to 3 months. If the BORGinsole functional insoles are worn incorrectly and/or inconsistently, you can´t expect an optimal result. All activities where the feet come under strain are best performed with the BORGinsole functional insoles, thus also for activities where your weight is on your feet at home (washing, cooking, ironing, etc.). For activities where sitting and lying down dominate, exceptions can be made (swimming pool, bathroom, bedroom, sauna, etc.)

  • What are the best shoes for you to wear?

    When it comes to shoes, each age group has its own specific needs. Watch the following videos for appropriate shoe advice for each age group.

    Pre-schoolers and kindergartners
    Here´s how you choose the right children´s shoe

  • What to pay attention to with children?

    For children, it is a great advantage to commence BORGinsole functional insole therapy early on. The ideal would be to have children screened via a podiatric-biomechanical check-up at age 6 or 7. At that age a child´s foot is still in full development, lots of cartilage is present and the growth plates have not yet closed.

    These are very positive conditions for the podiatric correction of foot problems with BORGinsole functional insoles. The guidelines on wearing the BORGinsole and shoes apply for them more than for anyone else. For children with foot problems it is thus strongly recommended not to wear the traditional soft sneakers during gym class or to run around in bare feet or slippers.

  • How to start with a BORGinsole?

    You start wearing the BORGinsole functional insoles immediately. Always wear socks while breaking in your BORGinsole functional insoles (afterwards this is no longer necessary). In the beginning, wearing BORGinsole functional insoles can cause a feeling of discomfort (after all, the foot and the entire locomotor system are being adjusted). If wearing the BORGinsole functional insoles becomes too uncomfortable at some point during the adaptation period, it is recommended to stop wearing them for a while. Simply remove the BORGinsole insoles from the shoes and spend the rest of the day without them. The next morning you should start once again with your BORGinsole insoles in your shoes.

    The best advice is just to listen to the signals that your feet are giving you. The first week your insoles may give you an uncomfortable feeling. The second week it might still be noticeable, but after 3 to 4 weeks a normal level of comfort should have returned. If not, be sure to contact your licensed Bachelor or Master in Podiatry who will then make the necessary adaptations. This is part of the service of a real BORGinsole functional insole and no fee will ever be charged.

    For athletes, it is recommended to first break in the BORGinsole functional insoles during everyday activities, for around 1 week. Only then is it recommended to also engage in sports activities with the BORGinsole functional insoles. As of then, the BORGinsole functional insoles should always be worn for both sports and everyday activities. Even if there are only complaints during sports activities, it is nevertheless recommended to wear the BORGinsole functional insoles for less stressful everyday activities as well. This is necessary in order to be able to perform the sport activity optimally with the BORGinsole functional insoles, which your body is accustomed to at that moment. It is important to understand that if you aren’t 100% behind your BORGinsole functional insole therapy, you also cannot expect a 100% result. Mental power is one of the most important factors for good treatments and results.

  • How is BORGinsole monitored?

    Depending on the hardness, BORGinsole functional foot orthotics keep working for a very long period. The harder the material, the more wear-resistant. Depending on the load, BORGinsole functional insoles will also wear to a greater or lesser degree. Since BORGinsole functional insoles absorb virtually no water, contain no adhesive and are composed of a single piece, they may be washed in the washing machine at 30° to 40°. This can also be done with water, soap and a small brush. For the hygiene of the feet it is recommended to keep the BORGinsole functional insoles clean and neat.

    Regularly taking off the shoe and airing it is a plus for the feet and the BORGinsole functional insoles. The best thing is to have the BORGinsole functional insoles checked annually by your podiatrist. He will verify whether your BORGinsole functional insoles still have the right correction. If this isn´t the case and the BORGinsole functional insole still has sufficient density, the podiatrist will adapt your BORGinsole functional insole and optimise it as necessary at that time.