What is the added value of a BORGinsole for children?

BORGinsole insoles help children in their growth: certain foot problems that arise later in life have their origins in childhood. Children´s feet from the age of 6 to 14 have an ideal flexible structure for ensuring a permanent solution with BORGinsole insoles. The proper shoe advice will play a very important role here as well.

A BORGinsole can correct CHILDREN´s feet where it’s needed

For children, it is a great advantage to commence BORGinsole functional insole therapy early on. The ideal would be to have children screened via a podiatric-biomechanical check-up at age 6 or 7. At that age a child´s foot is still in full development, lots of cartilage is present and the growth plates have not yet closed.

These are very positive conditions for the podiatric correction of foot problems with BORGinsole functional foot orthotics. Wearing the right shoe is even more important for children than for anyone else. For children, it is strongly recommended not to wear the traditional soft sneakers during gym class.