Probably The Best Insole  in the world  

Probably The Best Insole in the world

What is a BORGinsole?

BORGinsole, the first step to success

Would you like to walk better, run better and perform better in sports? It all begins by avoiding strain injuries of the ankle, knee, hip, back or even the neck. BORGinsole high-tech podiatry functional insoles keep your body in balance and give adapted control.

They are custom-made after an extensive foot analysis and check-up of your entire movement system. On the basis of a 3D scan your podiatrist designs unique intelligent insoles that help you to walk through life more successfully. Therefore, BORGinsole insoles are ideal for athletes, young children and people with foot problems.

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Why a BORGinsole?

Existing techniques for producing custom-made insoles have proven their usefulness but, as in every field, technology and science keep evolving in our sector also. Innovation and technology enable us to produce functional insoles that are literally custom-tailored to your body.

BORGinsole functional insoles are furnished in Belgium only by licensed Masters or Bachelors in podiatry. They function as the architect of your movement pattern, and they will help you to bring your body into perfect balance and keep it there.

  • Unique and custom-made functional foot orthotics
  • High-tech development
  • Perfection, from taking measurements to making delivery
  • 100% dynamics based
  • Optimal service
  • Ultra-lightweight
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